112.1 Explain the following:

a. Chemical warfare

b. Biological warfare

Picture right: Ebola Virus

c. Radiological warfare

112.2 Describe the purpose of the following:

a. MCU-2/P protective mask

b. Chemical protective overgarment

c. Wet-weather clothing

d. Atropine/2 Pan chloride (Oxime) autoinjector

e. IM-143 pocket dosimeter

f. DT-60 personnel dosimeter

112.3 List the 4 types of chemical casualty agents and their physical symptoms.

a. Chocking agents

b. Nerve agents

c. Blood agents

d. Blister agents

Click here to read some very interesting information and facts about Nuclear Warheads.

112.4 Describe the following types of nuclear explosions:

a. High altitude air burst

b. Air burst

c. Surface burst

d. Shallow underwater burst

e. Deep underwater burst

112.5 Describe the following effects of nuclear explosions:

a. Blast

b. Flash burn/blindness

c. Radiation

d. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

e. Blackout

112.6 Define/discuss Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP).

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