205: Warfare Mission Area


205.1.1 State your commands mission statement

Provide Fleet Logistic, Operational, and Special Warfare Support in the United States/Atlantic/Caribbean/ Mediterranean/Red Sea/Near-Mid East Theaters from fixed land-bases, and aircraft carriers, and be capable of providing self-sustaining detachments to operate from fixed land-bases, aircraft carriers, and remote, out-of-theater, land-bases for periods of up to 6 months.


.2 Define the term MOB

Mobility (MOB). The ability of naval forces to maneuver and maintain themselves in all situations over, under, or upon the surface.

.3 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a MOB mission.

Support/provide safe, flyable aircraft for all –weather operations. Prevent and control damage. Maintain security against unfriendly acts. Self – lift from staging site to departure site. Transfly in all weather conditions. Maneuver in formation. Navigate under all conditions of geographic location, weather and visibility. Provide lifeboat raft capacity in accordance with unit’s allowance. Operate day and night and under all weather conditions. Operate from an aircraft carrier. Monitor the health and well being of the crew to ensure that hability is consistent with approved habitability procures and standards. Operate in climate extremes ranging from cold weather to tropical desert environments. Conduct peacetime activation, mount, and movement exercises of selected personnel and equipment to ensure capability of contingencies involving naval forces short of general war. Conduct tactical static line parachute delivery of personnel and equipment. Conduct tactical free fall parachute delivery of personnel and equipment. Conduct administrative parachute demonstration.


.4 Define the term CCC

Command, Control and Communications (CCC). Providing communications and related facilities for coordination and control of external organizations or forces, and control of own unit's capabilities.

.5 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a CCC mission.

Function as on-scene commander for a Search and Rescue Operation. Provide all necessary personnel, services, programs and facilities to safeguard classified material and information. Carry out emergency destruction of classified matter and equipment rapidly and efficiency. Maintain tactical voice communications. Maintain visual communications. Process message traffic. Plan, coordinate and control implementation of OPSEC measures. Execute Navy operational deception actions using tactics, operations, exercises or physical means.


.6 Define the term FSO.

Fleet Support Operations (FSO). Naval forces and designated shore facilities provide supporting services other than logistics replenishment to fleet units.

.7 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a FSO mission.

Provide support services to other units. Provide aircraft ferry services. Conduct towing, search, salvage and rescue operations. Support, conduct combat /non-combat Search and Rescue operation by fixed wing aircraft. Conduct general surveillance. Report situation assessment. Coordinate SAR operations. Conduct combat SAR operations in support of battle force operations by special warfare forces in a hostile environment. Provide cargo-handling training to assigned personnel and designated augmenters. Provide air services for ships and aircraft. Provide team training to conduct EOD parachute operations.


.8 Define the term NCO

Noncombat Operations (NCO). Selected operations of a noncombat nature not clearly categorized in any other warfare mission area. Included in this category are the necessary support requirements and/or special missions that are required of a unit but not directly related to the other Warfare Mission Areas.

.9 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a NCO mission.

Provide supply, clerical and post office services. Provide personnel for living space maintenance, area command security and for fuels support. Serve as a platform for operational test and evaluation of systems, equipment and tactics. Provide disaster assistance and evacuation. Support/provide for the evacuation of noncombatant personnel in areas of civil or international crisis. Assist and support the operating forces in the planning and conduct of cover and deception.


.10 Define the term LOG.

Logistics (LOG). The resupply of combatant consumables to combatant forces in the theater of operations.

.11 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a LOG mission.

Provide scheduled Carrier Onboard Delivery flights and associated receipt/distribution of material, mail and passengers. Provide the facilities and personnel for material, mail and passenger handling at non-military fields. Support ships and other aircraft in supplies, ordnance and other services. Provide scheduled/response airlift of cargo, mail and personnel. Provide COD and Medical Evacuation services.


.12 Define the term NSW.

Naval Special Warfare (NSW). Naval operations generally accepted as being nonconventional-- in many cases clandestine--in nature. NSW includes special mobile operations, unconventional warfare, coastal and river interdiction, beach and coastal reconnaissance, and certain tactical intelligence operations. .13 Discuss the role of the C-2A in a NSW mission area.

Deliver, support and recover elements of SEAL and SDV Teams. Clandestinely or covertly infiltrate/exfilterate equipment, operators, agents, evaders and escapees into/from contested or denied coastal zones. Conduct immediate reaction operations in response to special tactical intelligence. Provide logistic support and facilities for raiding parties. Permissive environment only.

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