The Naval Reserve is a force of highly trained people available to meet the needs of the Navy and military.

The Naval Reserve force is comprised of part-time officers and enlisted personnel known as Reservists.

Most Reservists serve part-time, one weekend a month, and a two-week period called Annual Training at some time in the year. Many of our Reserve aircrew spend their two weeks on deployments overseas with their respective squadrons. They fly with a group of other aircrew and maintenance personnel, situate themselves overseas, and fly missions for the two week period. It is rewarding and a great way to see the world.

People join the Naval Reserve for many reasons. Some join for the attractive pay, benefits, and training opportunities. Others are simply eager and proud to serve. Whatever the reason, all play a vital role in the defense of our country.

Our mission here is to operate aircraft on a worldwide basis to provide responsible, flexible, and rapid deployable air logistics support required by the military. In other words, "you call, we haul".

We have 14 squadrons in the following locations:

These commands fly 100% of the Navy's air logistics capacity. Logistics is the movement of cargo and passengers. The mission extends around the globe to Europe, the Western Pacific, South America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa.

The commands play an active and vital role in making the Navy a responsive and mobile arm of our nation's defense.

Several jobs are available in the C-40 platform or aircraft:

The Naval Reserve offers many benefits including:

The Navy has openings for aircrew throughout the United States. I would to try to advise you if you would like to enter the aircrew program, whether you are currently in the Navy or not.

FTS (Full Time Support), formally the TAR, (Training and Administration of Reserves), Aircrew are needed as well. And you can contact me on how to convert from Active Duty Navy to this rewarding program.

Aircrew members receive flight pay in addition to regular pay, known also as CEFIP or Career Enlisted Flight Incentive Pay. And you receive perdiem, or pay for certain flights you perform.

As an Aircrewman you can expect to travel to overseas areas. Presently the VR communities supply logistics aircraft to the Western Theatre based out of Atsugi, Japan and also in Europe, based out of Sigonella, Italy. We also deploy units to Bahrain for support of operations in that theater.

There are several aircrew positions available. Transport Safety Specialist, Second Loadmaster, Loadmaster, Flight Engineer, and Crew Chief.

Basically the Transport Safety Specialist are on board to provide safety and comfort to our embarked passengers, and to assist the Loadmasters with cargo loading. Second Loadmasters assist the Loadmasters onboard the C-130 aircraft with passengers, and cargo.

Loadmasters are in general load the aircraft and perform calculations applicable to flight. They handle hazardous cargo and customs.

Crew Chiefs and Flight Engineers are our on board mechanics. They monitor aircraft systems and occuppy the cockpit thrugh out flight.

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