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VR Squadron and Command Links:

United States Navy Website

Naval Air Reserve Force

Space "A" Passenger Terminals

Commander Fleet Logistics Support Wing Website

Naval Air Station New Orleans

Naval Air Station Brunswick Maine

Naval Air Station Willow Grove Pennslyvania

Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia

Aviation Commands and their establishment dates

U.S. Navy C-130 Squadrons

VR (Fleet Logistics) Detachment Links:

Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Naval Air Facility Sigonella, Italy

Andrews AFB, MD

McChord AFB, WA

Travis AFB, CA

Lajes AB, Azores

Ramstein AB, Germany

Mildenhall AB

Naples NAS, Italy

Rota NAS, Spain

Capuchin's Catacombs, Palermo, Italy

Other Great Aircrew Links

The Journal of ADC(AW/NAC) Randy Matthie
A record of his training experiences at Naval Aircrew Candidate School in Pensacola Florida

The Aviation Home Page.

The Flight Attendant Crew Lounge

Aircrew Memories
A website for our Canadian Aircrew neighbors

Aviation History Website

The Federal Aviation Administration Website

Obtaining Passports

Aircraft Loadmasters Site

Flight Attendant and Wannabe Flight Attendant's Board Room

Naval Aircrew Program

Air Disaster Website

Air Lifter Website

Major Airline Disasters

Airsafe Website

Aviation Accident Database

Aviation Safety Network

Flight Standards Service Cabin Safety Home Page

Air Safety Online

FAA Incident Data System

Inflight Safety Page

Landings Aviation Hub

Plane Crashes, Incidents, and Near Misses

Plane Crash Info

Professional Loadmaster Association

Helpful Navy Links:

Naval Aircrew Candidate School

Navy Personnel Command (BUPERS)

Navy Bases and Air Stations within the United States

Perdiem Rates (Travel pay and allowances charts)

Naval Aviation Schools Command

Military Pay Charts

Military Super Search Engine

Military Air Bases Information

Aircraft Operating Units of the Military

Abbreviations and Acronyms used by the Military

Tail Codes of Military Aircraft

Enlisted Reserve Drill Pay Chart

Cap's Navy Website: Lots of good info

Chief of Naval Air Training

Naval Reserve Force

Naval Forms OnLine

Personal Qualifications Development Group (PQS)

Campaign Certificates. Gulf War, Enduring Freedom, Iraq Freedom, and more.

Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Website

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