101.1 Discuss the basic requirements for each of the following Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH)Programs:

101.2 Define the following terms as they apply to Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) and Maintenance Instruction Manuals (MIM's):

101.3 Discuss the following as they apply to hangar deck safety:

104.4 Discuss "HERO" (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance)conditions, and the safety precautions associated with handling "CAD's" (Cartridge Actuated Devices):

104.5 Discuss the following safety precautions for lifting an aircraft:

101.6 Discuss the safety precautions for handling Skydrol (hydraulic fluid).

101.7 Discuss the safety precautions associated with Liquid Oxygen (LOX).

101.8 Discuss the safety precautions associated with gaseous oxygen.

101.9 Discuss the safety precautions that must be observed during fueling operations.

101.10 Discuss the safety precautions observed for an open fuel cell.

101.11 Discuss Operational Risk Management (ORM).


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