104.1 Discuss the shipboard organizational structure and the duties, responsibilities and authority of:

104.2 Discuss the purpose of a shipboard battle organization in relation to the following:

.3 State the purpose of the following bills:

.4 State the purpose of the following reports:

.5 Discuss the purpose and general rules for counseling: 104.6 Describe the effects of enlisted evaluations on the following:

.7 Explain the use of the following:

.8 Explain the purpose of the following message components:

.9 Explain what each of the following enlisted service record pages are and what entries are made on each.

104.10 State the purpose and discuss the contents of (EDVR).

.11 Explain the use of a Report and Disposition of Offenses (NAVPERS 1626/7).

.12 Define the following in reference to a personal misconduct determination:

104.13 Discuss the purpose of the Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program in relation to:

104.14 Discuss the concept of Operational Risk Management (ORM)

104.15 Explain the following as they apply to ORM:

AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King