105.1 State the six areas of naval doctrine.

105.2 Discuss how naval aviation supports the following warfare areas:

105.3 Discuss the conditions that led to the formation of the U.S. Navy.

105.4 State the qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support national policies.

105.5 State the three levels of war.

105.6 Explain how Naval Intelligence Operations, more than any other service, support peace time operational decision making.

105.7 State the mission of Naval Logistics.

105.8 State the importance of planning to Naval Operations.

105.9 Discuss the importance of the following conflicts as they relate to naval aviation:

105.10 Discuss the significance of 8 May 1911, as it applies to naval aviation.

105.11 State the name of the first aircraft carrier.

105.12 What was the first jet powered naval aircraft?

105.13 Who was the first naval aviator in space?

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