105.1 Explain the importance of the COSAL in relationship to the ship’s mission and sustainability.

.2 Discuss the following processes in reference to the COSAL:

.3 Explain how frequently ordered parts effect demand processing.

.4 Discuss the purpose of the Material Obligation Validation (MOV) program.

.5 Discuss the Depot Level Repairables (DLRs) program.

105.6 Explain the procedures on NRFI DLRs in regard to the following situations:

.7 Define the purpose of the following:

.8 Discuss the Battle Group Asset Management System (BAMS) concept.

.9 Explain the difference between the two components of the OPTAR:

.10 Explain the effects of the following on ships OPTAR:

105.11 State how credit is distributed for parts when they are turned back in to supply.

.12 Define the UMMIPS and the role it plays with the Priority Designator (PD).

.13 What is the purpose of the following messages:

.14 Discuss the purpose of ship’s store afloat.

.15 Explain endurance loading of subsistence and how it effects the ship’s mission and sustainability.

.16 Define and describe the BDFA and state how it effects each crewmember.

.17 Describe the principle quarterly foodservice report and where it is submitted.

105.18 State what kind of rations are utilized during during battle stations when the galley or galley personnel are not available.

AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King