106.1 State the measuring standard for the following:

106.2 Discuss the difference between three strand and double braid synthetic mooring line, with respect to the following:

106.3 Explain the meaning of the following line-handling commands:

106.4 Define the following:

106.5 Define the following terms as applied to small boats:

106.6 Describe the purpose of the following as applied to ground tackle:

.7 Define the following as applied to marlinespike seamanship:

106.8 Discuss the purpose of the following line handing safety precautions: 106.9 Define and discuss the following as applied to mooring: 106.10 Discuss the following terms in regard to replenishment at sea: 106.11 Define the following in regards to replenishment operations: 106.12 Discuss the use of the following during underway replenishment: 106.13 Discuss the use of the following equipment in underway replenishment: 106.14 Explain the duties of the following replenishment personnel/hard hat colors: 106.15 Discuss the meaning of whistle signals between the delivery and receiving stations. 106.16 Discuss the following flag hoist signals when displayed by the delivery and/or receiving ship: 106.17 Discuss the differences between emergency and standard breakaway. 106.18 State the purpose of the following: 106.19 Discuss abandon ship procedures, including the following: 106.20 Explain how the following are used during the recovery of a “man over board”. 106.21 State the three common types of “man-overboard” recovery. 106.22 Define the following emergency conditions: 106.23 Define the following terms: 106.24 Define the following terms/acronyms: 106.25 Describe the navigational lights shown under the following: 106.26 Describe the various low visibility sound signals and what they indicate. 106.27 Discuss the following storm warning signals: 106.28 Discuss the following equipment used in ship handling/navigation: 106.29 Define the following navigational terms/acronyms: 106.30 Discuss the different methods of attaining a ship’s position. 106.31 Discuss the purpose of dead reckoning (DR). 106.32 Describe the purpose of range/channel markings. 106.33 Explain the duties of the following bridge watch personnel: 106.34 Explain the purpose of the following:

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