107.1 Describe the following terms pertaining to motion:

107.2 Define the following laws of motion:

107.3 Define Bernoulli's principle.

107.4 Discuss the following weather warnings and their effect on naval aviation:

107.5 Describe the following aerodynamic terms:

107.6 State the three primary movements of aircraft about the axis.

107.7 Identify and state the purpose of the primary flight controls for:

107.8 State the purpose of the following flight control surfaces:

107.9 Explain the term angle of attack.

107.10 Explain the term autorotation.

107.11 State the components of a basic hydraulic system.

107.12 Describe and explain the purpose of the main components of landing gear.

107.13 State the safety precautions used when servicing aircraft tires on aircraft.

107.14 State the 5 basic sections of a jet engine.

107.15 Describe the following engine systems:

107.16 State the purpose of an afterburner.

107.17 State the NATO symbols for the following fuels and briefly explain the characteristics and reasons for the use of each:

107.18 Describe the 3 hazards associated with jet fuel.

107.19 Describe the symptoms of fuel vapor inhalation.

107.20 Explain the purpose of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

107.21 Identify the reasons for and methods of Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

107.22 Discuss icing and its effects on the performance of naval aircraft.

107.23 State the purpose of the following:

107.24 State the purpose of the following armament:

107.25 Explain the purpose of the following:

107.26 Explain the following avionics terms:

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