108.1 Explain the following terms as they pertain to Combat system missions:

.2 Define the following acronyms: .3 State the two warfare areas that utilize naval gun systems.

.4 State the four warfare areas that utilize naval missile systems.

108.5 State the purpose of fire control.

.6 Explain the purpose of the following weapons:

.7 State the navy ships’ self defense weapon systems.

.8 Discuss the purpose of the following radars:

.9 Explain the difference between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional radars.

.10 Describe the purpose of the Combat Systems Operational Sequencing System (CSOSS). 108.11 Describe general duties of the following CSOSS watch standers:

.12 Discuss the purpose of torpedo countermeasure systems.

.13 Explain the difference between active and passive sonars.

.14 Discuss how the following factors affect sonar operations:

.15 Discuss the safety precautions for entering a magazine.

.16 Discuss the following terms and the hazards associated with each:

.17 Define the acronyms and discuss the use of the following projectiles: .18 Discuss the following components of a weapon system:

.19 Explain the purpose of Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO).

.20 Explain the term "C4".

.21 State the two primary gun weapon systems found on navy surface combatants. .22 State the purpose of blue color coding in regards to ammunition.

108.23 State the purpose of the electronic cooling systems.

.24 State the purpose of the ships’ gyro as it relates to weapon systems:

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