117: Basic Aviation Supply Fundamentals

117.1 State the function and responsibilities of material control.

The responsibility of Material Control is to provide material support to their cognizant organizations and coordinate indirect material requirements to ensure the material ordered is the material required and delivered to the work centers. Material Control shall:

117.2 Discuss the following Operational Target (OPTAR) funding and give examples of items procured with each:

b. Aviation Fleet Maintenance(AFM)Fund

AFM Funds will be used to finance the cost of the following:

117.3 State the procedures for accomplishing the following:

NALCOMIS Operated Material Control shall:

b. Receipt and delivery of parts and material

c. Turn-in of defective components

117.4 Define the acronym MILSTRIP and state its purpose.

Military Standart Requistioning and Issue Procedure - A uniform procedure established by DOD for its own use to govern requistion and issue of material within standard priorities.

117.5 Define and explain the following terms:

117.6 Explain the importance of the aeronautical allowance lists in relation to mission sustainability.

Lists of equipment and material determined from known or estimated requirements as necessary to place and maintain aeronautical activities in a material readiness condition. In the case of aerological and photographic material, the requirement is extended to all applicable naval activities.

117.7 State the purpose of the following forms and report: >

117.8 What is a flight packet used for?

Supply officers or Material Control officers of aviation activities will be responsible for flight packets for issue to pilots making extended flights. These flight packets will contain instructions to assist pilots of aircraft involved in extended flights to obtain material or services which may be necessary for the continuation of a flight. Custody and issue control of flight packets will be as prescribed by the CO. Flight packets will be inventoried by the Supply Officer or Material Control Officer when returned after each extended flight and at least weekly. Strict accountability will be established for control of the Purchase Order/Invoice/Voucher (SF 44) by the preprinted number on the document. Each aircraft making an extended flight will be provided with a flight packet containing, as a minimum, the following listed items.

117.9 Explain the purpose of Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability (SM&R)codes.

SM&R codes are used to communicate maintenance and supply instructions to various logistic support levels and using commands for the logistic support of systems, equipment, and end items. These codes are made available to their intended users by means of technical publications, such as allowance lists, IPB manuals, MIMs, and supply documents. SM&R codes are assigned to each supported item based on the logistic support planned for the end item and its components.

The primary objective is to establish uniform policies, procedures, management tools, and means of communication to promote interservice and integrated material support within and among military services. Thus, the establishment of uniform SM&R codes is an essential step toward improving overall capabilities for more effective interservice and integrated support.

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