Hi, this is Kyle Herring.
I think that Frankenstein is
the most famous monster in the world
and this is one of the pictures of Frankenstein.

Here is a picture of me and of my Frankenstein collection.

My Yu-Gi-Oh card. Extremely rare. Only 10 in the World!

This is a picture of some more of my collection.

I had this Frankenstein at my home in Texas. It scared the neighbors away.

Here is a pot with Frankenstein on it.

Here is a picture of me and my Mom
kidding around on Halloween night.

Here is a Frankenstein my Mom made from an old Milk Jug.

This is Mrs. Alien, and me and my friend Bo.

Here I am with my Dad just before Halloween.

Here I am at Halloween with my brother, Kevin.

Here I am with some of my collection.

More of my Frankensteins.

Kyle 2007

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