U.S.S. Saipan and King's Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist LHA Specific Tutorial - 104 Section U.S.S. SAIPAN AND KING'S AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIP, LHA, (SPECIFIC) EAWS TUTORIAL - 104 Section



104.1 Explain the purpose of the Aviation Life Support System (ALSS) rotatable pools.

Items provided to prevent disruption of production schedules because time required to receive replacement from supply.

104.2 State the purpose of an Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (AESR).

An insert to the basic aircraft logbook used as a service record for various aircraft equipment such as power plants, propellers, and apuís.

104.3 Discuss the responsibility of the Emergency Reclamation Team (ERT).

Assist supported activities by providing expertise and equipment not authorized at O-level maintenance.

104.4 Discuss the basic purpose of Support Equipment (SE). [ref. a, p. 7-4]

All equipment required to launch, arrest, guide, control, direct, inspect, test, adjust, etc. to get aircraft up and flying.

104.5 Discuss the basic functions of the following SE:

  1. Mobile Electronic Power Plant (MEPP)
  2. Used to provide AC and DC electrical power for servicing,

    starting and maintenance of aircraft.

  3. Aircraft spotting dolly
  4. Used to move aircraft in tight quarters such as hangar deck.

  5. Aircraft tow tractor

Used to tow aircraft and support equipment designed to be


104.6 Discuss the basic scope and categories of Aviation Weapons Support Equipment

(AWSE) Program.

Support equipment required on deck for the safe handling, movement, installation, configuration, arming, loading, and downloading of air-launched weapons, airborne armament systems, or weapon related components. There are three subcategories; armament support equipment (ASE), weapons support equipment (WSE) and logistics support equipment (LSE).

  1. ASE includes all equipment whose primary function is to
  2. support the installed aircraft systems and is used primarily by an AIMD or SQN. (i.e. bomb hoists, weapons loaders, etc.)

  3. WSE includes all equipment whose primary function is to

support ordnance components or weapons. WSE is divided into two categories; weapons handling equipment and weapons test equipment. (i.e. hoisting beams, weapons skids, etc.)

c. LSE consists of equipment used for packaging, bulk handling storage, or stowage and transportation of weapons and weapon components within the weapon logistics cycle. LSE includes weapons packaging equipment, ship loading or underway replenishment equipment, installed shipboard or shore based equipment, and industrial materials handling equipment. (i.e. containers, pallets, etc.)

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