Lewis, Girimonte, and King's Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist LHD Specific Tutorial
LEWIS, GIRIMONTE, AND KING'S LHD (SPECIFIC) Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Tutorial

Welcome to the LHD Specific PQS questions and answers. This study guide was designed to aid instructors and students alike. All of the questions were answered from instructions and directives found in NAVEDTRA, Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS), Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS), Unit Specific for Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD). All website material was compiled by FCC(SW) W.S. Lewis, and FC1(SW) D.A. Girimonte. Website material compiled online by AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King.

Click on the section of the LHD Specific PQS that you would like to review. Good luck and study hard!

LAST UPDATED: 5 October 2005

LHD Specific PQS Sections:

101: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Fundamentals
102: Ballast Control Methods Fundamentals
103: Boiler/Feedwater Fundamentals
104: Collection, Holding, and Transfer Fundamentals
105: Compressed Air Fundamentals
106: Degaussing Fundamentals
107: Ships Service/Emergency Diesel Engine Fundamentals
108: Distilling Plant Fundamentals
109: Electrical Distribution Fundamentals
110: Engineering Watch Fundamentals
111: Fuel Oil Fundamentals
112: Interior Communications Fundamentals
113: Lube Oil Fundamentals
114: Pollution Abatement Fundamentals
115: Propulsion Turbines and Reduction Gear Fundamentals
116: Steering Fundamentals
117: Deck Fundamentals
118: Aviation Operations Fundamentals
119: Operations Fundamentals
120: Combat Systems Fundamentals
121: Communications Fundamentals
122: Amphibious Operations Fundamentals
201: Air Warfare/Point Defense Mission Area
202: System Warfare Point Defense Mission Area
203: Undersea Warfare Countermeasures Mission Area
204: Amphibious Warfare Mission Area

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AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King

FC1(SW) Daniel A. Girimonte

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