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All of the questions were answered from instructions and directives found in NAVEDTRA 43901, Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS),
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS), Common Core.
MA2 Nicholas E. Pecci was kind enought to supply study material that he compiled for the tutorial.

The ESWS (Core) program was designed to encompass basic areas of study applicable to the entire Navy.
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18 October 2018


A Short History Of The ESWS Program

On 1 December 1978 the CNO, then Admiral T.B. Hayward, approved the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Qualification Program, after assembling an advisory panel.
This approval followed immediately by the promulgation of OPNAV Instruction 1412.4, which provided the specific details of the program.

Promulgation of this instruction marked the culmination of a program which owed its existence primarily to "grass roots" from the fleet. Since the introduction of the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Qualification Program in 1975, a strong advocacy for a similar program for surface enlisted was started. The program was initiated in 1977 when the Surface Warfare Commanders (DCNO Surface Warfare, COMNAVSURFLANT and COMNAVSURFPAC) gave their conceptual approval to the development of a Surface Enlisted Qualification Program.

Initial guidelines for the program at that time were:

    1. It was to reflect a level of qualification above and beyond the normal level of professional and performance criteria necessary for advancement.
    2. The qualification was applicable to and reasonably attainable by all "surface" ratings.
    3. Qualification was an attainable goal for dedicated enlisted serving on ships and afloat staffs.
    4. Management of the program would not become an administrative burden on the ship.
    5. Qualification criteria would be well defined and specific.
    6. Participation was voluntary, and there was neither a financial reward nor hazardous duty associated with the qualification.

The silver cutlass was available for the first time in April of 1979.

Specifically the criteria in 1979 to qualify was as follows:

    1. Be a Petty Officer
    2. Have 24 months on a surface ship
    3. Have a performance mark and Leadership marks of top 30% for CPO's and 3.4 for Petty Officers.
    4. Complete the PQS for Damage Control, Damage Control Petty Officer, Repair Party Leader, and Work Center Supervisor.
    5. Qualify in all watch stations for rating and pay grade.
    6. Perform an oral board held by the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or LCDR.
    7. Be recommended by the chain of command, and approved by the Commanding Officer.

The current Instruction for the ESWS Program is OPNAVINST 1414.9, dated 10 Aug 2010.

ESWS Core PQS Sections

102: Naval Heritage
103: U.S. Navy Organization
104: Shipboard Organization and Admin
105: Supply Organization
106: Deck
107: Operations
108: Combat Systems
109: Engineering
110: Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste
111: Pollution Control Fundamentals

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