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Below are some Halloween Party ideas that work. All of these ideas were tested by hundreds of children and adults, and here are the results. I hope they provide you with a guide to a quality, fun event on Halloween night, and for your home parties. Enjoy!!

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Submitted Ideas

Below you will find some submitted ideas which were sent in from different people who wanted to share their party and decoration ideas with you.

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Haunted Corpse Idea

Idea submitted by Joanna Griffin

For photos of Joanna's idea click HERE and HERE.

It reads...

My corpse was inspired by your plexiglass man. (Editor's Note: See our main website for details on the Plexiglass Man. You can find the idea at I also used a styrofoam head, cut out eyes, nose, and mouth. I then took my knife (as you suggested) and made random cut marks all over the head. I stuck the head on a shovel handle and stuck it in the ground to steady it. Using washable craft paint I got at the local thrift store for $.69, I poured the gray paint in my hands and rubbed him down. The paint really sank into all the "cuts" and made them look very real. After the gray dried, I poured the black paint in the eyes, nose, and mouth and used my fingers to spread it around. I went to town and got two cardboard boxes from behind the dollar store, used a box cutter and cut them to make a coffin shape. I then duct-taped them so they would stay together, creating one long rectangular box. I painted the "coffin" black and sprayed splotches of gray paint here and there on it. I then took the white part of an old torn bedskirt and laid it flat in the coffin and then laid the head in. I also had an old curtain that had a lace hem. I cut about a 6 inch piece of the lace and put it around the head's neck, so this is a female corpse. I then strung store bought spider webs back and forth across the top of the box to hide the rotting corpse and then placed roaches and rats in the corpse's mouth and head and all in the box. I thought it turned out pretty good. I'm going to also make a tombstone before Halloween and call the corpse "Here Lies Judith Myers, sister of Michael Myers". After all, Michael is standing in my window!

Haunted Trash Can

Idea submitted by Jim Guida, Director of Youth and Family Ministries and Outreach; Bethany Presbyterian Church

It reads...

Here is one for home that works great! The kids will walk by a large garbage can and someone inside the can is yelling "Hey, let me out! Get me out of here! Hey, it stinks in here!", etc.
The trick is not to put some poor soul in the can, but to make a recording of someone saying these things. I spoke extemporaneously for about ten minutes, and then duped the tape repeatedly until I had a 45 minute tape. Then dupe the 45 tape to the other side of a 90 minute tape and hook up a tape player hiddend somewhere very close to the garbage can. Fools even adults!

Click here to view a wonderful Decorations and Ideas Website submitted by Cheryl and son Wyatt of Tacoma, WA.
They used the directions on the main Halloween decorating site to make some of their ideas come to life.

Easy Ghosts; Idea submitted by Amy Kelly

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Halloween Idea submitted by Mrs. Durant, the "Witch of Ceder Grove".

"Blood Bath"; Idea from Lisa Phillips

Litter Box Candy; Idea submitted by Jackie Schultz

Translucent Foam Ghost; Idea submitted by Dan Cheuvront

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Opaque, Flesh-Colored Jello; Idea submitted by Mark "Frightcastle" Hadley of Sterlington, Louisiana

Ghost Train Story; Idea submitted by Chris

Tips For Using and Handling Dry Ice; Idea submitted by Jim and Teisha Bell

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