Coffee County, Hall of Veterans

"Preserving Valor; Honoring Sacrifice"


Coffee County Administrative Plaza
1329 MacArthur Street
Manchester, TN

A photo project of the
Coffee County Veterans Association Manchester, TN

Facts about the Veterans Hall of Veterans:

This project was begun by the late Coffee County Mayor, Judd Matheny.
The mayor had seen a similar photo project in Warren County and contacted us at the
Coffee County Veterans Association.

We are comprised of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars, All-American Post 10904.
American Legion, Gold Post 78
and Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 90.

The purpose of the project was to honor any veteran who had any association
with, or in, Coffee County.

To date, we have had dozens of photos submitted for the project. Included is a picture of
Coffee County's first veteran, and name sake,
Brigadier General John Coffee. (Photo below)

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Join us at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza for a special ribbon cutting ceremony
29 May 2024, at 10:00 a.m.

How You Can Participate:

Four ways:

1. Submit any photo to us using this email address:

2. You can also text photo of your picture to 251-554-8836

3. Bring the photo by our Veterans building, located at 130 Shelton Road; Manchester, TN.
Our Service Officer, Don Purinton, is there, Tuesday thru Thursday, from 8 to 4 pm.
Ask him to take a photo of your picture and send it to the cell phone number listed above.

4. Use this bar code:

We do not need to keep or use your original photo.

What We Do with the Photo:

No matter how bad the photo is, it will go through a set of photo editors in order
to colorize and enhance the photo. A sample of what we do, is below:

Additional Information Needed:

Along with the photo, we need the following information:

1. Full name:
2. Branch of Service:
3. Years of Service: (example: 19xx to 20xx)
4. Highest Rank while in the Service:

Below are samples of the finished photos:

Where the Veterans Photos are Displayed:

The photos will be displayed on the walls of the Coffee County Administration Building (photos below:)
located at the
Coffee County Administrative Building or Plaza
1329 MacArhur Street
Manchester, TN

Details on the Coffee County Veterans Hall Plaque:

Click on the plaque photo for a larger view

The plaque, or seal, was designed by Jessica Angelo, a graphic designer for Rutledge Falls Designs.
She donated her talents to design a seal with emblems of the three, Coffee County Veterans Organizations,

American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
along with the different military service branches.

She included the state's Tennessee mounted volunteers, with an emblem of a Volunteer.
Also included is a civil war cannon recognizing the battles that took place in the country during the Civil War.

She included the crest of Arnold Engineering Development Complex, AEDC, and the seal of the
US Army 2nd Armored Division, which used Coffee County as a key training site during World World II.

The circle three-star emblem at the top of the seal represents Tennessee with its three grand divisions of
East, Middle, and West and in the center is the Coffee County Seal.

The 16 stars wrapped around the seal represent the state being the 16th admitted into the Union.

The navy blue background respects the trust, loyalty and wisdom our Coffee County Veterans.
The red border encasing the entire seal represents the love of the country, our state and Coffee County.

Finally the flag in the center serves as a reminder of the veterans who sacrificed to protect our nations' way of life.

Veterans Program Coordinators:

Meet your Veterans Photo Project Chairmen:

John Jack Angelo; U.S. Air Force
Stephen Sember; U.S. Air Force
Kimberly King; U.S. Navy

A very special "thank you" to James Harden, with Harden Signs
for making the Veterans Wall of Honor plaque for this project.

For More Information:

For information on this project,
to submit a photo and/or inquiries
or for information on the Coffee County Veterans Association
or it's member organizations, please contact:

Kimberly King

Cell: 251-554-8836

Or mail to: Kimberly King
c/o Veterans Photo Project
2658 Gap Road
Altamont, TN 37301

Coffee County Veterans Association Links:

American Legion Post 78, Manchester, TN

VFW Post 10904, Manchester, TN

Disabled American Veterans Post Locator

Coffee County Veterans Affairs and Photo Project Info

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